How To Make Your Organization Successful?

An organization is successful if it is effective and if it is efficient. An organization is said to be effective depending on how well the organization has achieved its goals and objectives. An organization is said to be efficient depending on his well it has managed its resources. An efficient organization is one in which input is minimized and output is maximized.

Lead from the front

It is up to the management to make sure an organization is efficient and effective. They do this by using the four management functions of planning, controlling, leading and organizing.

Planning: Top managers have to set goals for the organization and decide on policies.

Organizing: Middle level managers allocate resources and responsibilities to lower level managers.

Controlling: Line managers monitor operational staff and ensure everything is up to the company standard.

Leading: All managers do this by motivating and helping employees.

Operational employees

Operational staffs are in charge of the day to day operations of the company. Managers used to believe that to increase worker production and efficiency they had to offer financial incentives. They ignored the higher needs and social context of the worker. However nowadays employee motivation from managers is used to improve efficiency and productivity among workers. Also workers are given managing stress at work training. Changing economic tines have increased pressures on the workforce and the demands of their personal and work life may get too much. They will gain important tools such as control the infirmornation work load, how to stay focuses and come despite uncertainty, saving time and improving organization etc.

This stress reduction training will improve the workforce because they will learn his to deal with different challenges in their work and personal life, they can work shorter hours because they know how to manage time, they will be able to make better decision because of a clearer head and improve productivity, they can also help others in the workforce deal with difficulties and they can adapt to different situations better.

The external environment

The outside environment refers to politics, the economy, the social forces, technology, globalization and diversity.

Politics: The political situation in the country abs the laws.

Economy: The economic condition in the country like the inflation rate. Globalization will cause increased innovation and quality.

Social forces: The needs and values of society. Diversity will also play a role because managers will have to work with other people.

Technology: This will change the way work is done and how managers think.

This is how to make your organization successful and by adapting you can name sure it stays successful.